Bookends are a wonderful way to organise your library and decorate the space at your home in a unique way. Not only this but bookends are one of the best gifts for every book lover. 

Wonder Woman Bookend


This wonder woman seems to hold your books from falling in a magic way. This is the perfect gift for every book lover or superhero fan. 


Spring Tree Bookend


Invite spring in your home with this wonderful bookend. This minimalistic and stylish book holder is a housewarming gift for your family and friends. 

Forest Bookend


This forest bookend is made of wood which makes it unique as each piece has its own colour and grain.

Tentacle Pirate Ship Attack Bookend



This handmade item is made from solid steel which makes it perfect for all book lovers possessing tones of books. It is heavy enough to hold up your reading collection.

Anchor Petit Feed Sack Pillow Pair


These anchor petit pillows will keep books, papers, and pins in there place and will be a unique and functional accent to your decor .The petit pillows are filled with sand making them perfect for paperweights, bookends, or pincushion.