As every normal person in the world, I start my day with a cup of coffee. But my choice of a cup can be very difficult sometimes. Especially, when I have this enormous collection of coffee mugs. 

As a morning person, big coffee fan and book-lover, there is nothing better in this world than combining this hot drink with a page or two of my favourite book. 

You need a new mug or may be you just one more to complete your collection? Probably, you are searching for the perfect gift for your book-loving friend? Here are 10 mugs that will make your day and charge you with some positive energy during the whole day.

Bookmark?You Mean Quitter Strip Mug?


Only a quitter uses a bookmark. This clever joke will have readers everywhere nod their solemn agreement. This creative mug is the perfect co-addiction for coffee/tea to every book enthusiast.

Never Judge a Book by Its Movie


True readers know the real movie takes place in the imagination…This is the best book lover gift in the form of a bookworm mug. 

I Started A Gang Once But It Turned Into A Book Club


Tea, Books & Rain black mug


Every book lover knows what I am talking about. The tea, books, rain mug is sure to make every reader smile from ear to ear.

Jane Austen – Intolerably Stupid Mug


This Jane Austen quote from Northanger Abbey is sure to be one that many book worms will relate to! Quotation on mug reads, “The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.” A gift in the form of a bookworm mug for those who enjoy books and love to read. 

Jane Austen Mug


Need more of Jane Austen? There is nothing better but sip some warm coffee out of this beautiful mug. Even people who do not like to read will fall in love with it.