Career is very important in our life. As a matter of fact, our whole life depends upon the reality that how much we are successful in our career. It means a lot to us and also to our families. Nobody likes to be poor. I remember a quote, ‘Money is honey my little sunny’. In this book, I got all tips and trick of success. It provides priceless information about your upcoming life and how to combat adversities and finally overcoming them. John discussed all the important issues in this book. What I achieved in this book is mentioned below.

In today’s world, leaders should possess the quality to deliver their message in accordance to the desire of their labor force. If a leader wants to express his executive authority, he must know the art of showing self-trust, confidence, and capability to identify requirements of people. Executive presence is like a social skill that develops with the passage of time. You can develop these skills by yourself.
If you want to build a strong executive presence, you must develop five traits of professionalism:

 Showing grace under fire:

The most important components of executive presence are Self-awareness and understanding others. You should develop the ability to control your emotions, understand emotions of others and manage their emotional responses under pressure.

Develop the ability to form genuine connections:

You must engross others in communication and develop a comfortable environment while dealing with others. The best practice is to understand your communication style challenges and building the ability to read and adapt to the style of others.

Practice being charismatic:

People who personify executive presence possess the ability to attract others to them. People commonly attain this through attentive listening skills and capability to keep you from becoming distracted.

Be confident:

One of the major aspects of executive presence is to communicate confidently both in what you say and how you say it. If you want to look confident, you must exhibit a fine posture. Eye focus plays a key role in this context. You should make sure that you should always make eye contact while talking to a person. If you are communicating more than one individual at the same time, your eyes focused appropriately. You should keep a proper dressing style. Maintain your wardrobe and other concernedly.

Maintain your credibility:

Not only words you use but you must be using proper language to express your credibility. If you speak confidently, people notice your presence; they will listen to you as it shows conviction behind your words.
Overall, this is not a book; it is a guideline to get success and prosperity in life. Everybody must read this book, especially those individuals who are facing hardships in building their career.