Debbie Macomber’s new novel is not only a romantic story but it is a combination of love and its impact on relations. The sensitivity and delicacy of relationship is described in fabulous manner. If you understand the message in between the lines, you will come to the point that Debbie Macomber presented emotions and feelings of love and care in the context of a realistic approach. It is an apocryphal story about a depressed woman. The presentation of the story is really astounding, amazing and astonishing. Fantastic and tremendous plot of the story and beautiful characterization is just amazing.

‘’Last One Home’’ is the tale of Cassie, a lady who is facing all kinds of hardships and miseries in her life. It is about relationship between sisters, ability and power to forgive and hope of a second chance at love. She married to a man who was disapproved by her family. After break up with her husband, she was left alone with her daughter and she had to combat with all hardships. Cassie was trying to forget the bitter memories of her past and start a new life full of happiness. For me, character of Cassie is very inspiring as she is trying to find new horizons in the darkness of her life. Cassie was putting all her efforts to get out of these problems. But the fortune is not kind enough. She was trying to improve her life by doing a fulltime job. Burdens of single mother and responsibility to bring up her daughter were proving a hard nut to crunch for her. Cassie is battling to regain her self confidence.

Cassie is trying and willing to rebuild her relations with her two sisters at the same time. Karen is the oldest of three sisters while Nichole is the younger one. Karen is a busy mother who is balancing her life between professional career and house. Nichole is a stay-at-home mom and her husband, who is at her beck and call. Surprisingly, Cassie receives a letter from Karen one day. Karen wanted to reconcile and start a new happy relation. She was hoping to rejoin the family. It is a really amusing moment in the novel. For Cassie, it was a ray of hope. Cassie realizes the power of compassion and the happiness of a new start.

Apart from a romantic novel, it also gives few lessons about the hardships and atrocities of life and to tackle the difficulties of life. Difficulties of life are explained in a quite different way. Debbie Macomber’s Last One Home satisfies all the requirements of literary fiction. Style and presentation of characters is astounding and outstanding. After reading this novel, I feel a change in my thoughts about life. You must read this novel. It is full of interesting facts and bitter realities of life.