When I learned about this book, my first thought was that it would be a boring tale of young boys rowing a boat. When I purchased a copy and read it, I was really amazed that Daniel James Brown presented the whole story in a quite interesting and attractive way. In my opinion, you cannot think of a better story than ‘The Boys in the Boat’. It is a nonfiction novel. The story of the book revolves around the nine boys who are fighting to get a victory. This book explains the mental and physical struggle of these boys. They fight collectively to achieve their common goal. They showed high levels of mental toughness to fulfil their desires. This book tells us how to defeat any obstacle falling in your way. You can defeat any adversary if you have firm belief in your abilities.

The Boys in the Boat’ is actually the story of poor boys belonging to a small town of Seattle. These boys are rowing for USA in the 1936 Olympics. Initially, they had to face various obstacles. But as the story progress, these young boys get support from George Pocock and brilliant coach Al Ulbrickson. They gradually learn to become a motivated and dedicated team. This book also provides extensive knowledge about rowing. If you know nothing about rowing, it will help you comprehensively. It also highlights the economic and social issues that athletes faced at that time.

Daniel James Brown presented all the characters in the book comprehensively. Plot of the story is also very strong. It provides a source of motivation and inspiration. Brown portrayed the characters of American legends like Al Ulbrickson, Tom Bolles, Hiram Conibear and George Pocock in a very beautiful manner. Personalities and contribution of these legends is illustrated fabulously in the book.

The most important aspect of ‘The Boys in the Boat’ is that it is based on a true story. This book provides a complete description of nine boys, their families, their coaches, the events happening in the 1930’s and better understanding of science of boat rowing sports. Anxiety, passion, motivation, courage, ambition, incitement and enthusiasm are all combined in the tale of nine young boys.

Daniel Brown described history precisely and correctly. For me, this aspect is really inspiring. Normally, writers twist accounts of the history to make their books look captivating and engaging. I really liked honest of Mr. Brown in writing such a story that is approximately as true as happened in the history.

From my point of view The Boys in the Boat’ is more than only a book. By winning Gold Medal at the 1936 Olympics, these young boys show that you can change your fate by sheer willpower and strength of character. You must read this book.