I am a great fan of romantic novels especially the classic literary work. I personally feel that English literature in its early period touched the high levels of classical writings. It doesn’t mean that today English literature is not as good but I feel like old is gold. Henry fielding in Tom Jones touched various soft corners of society along with sensitive issues in the community. He pointed out the importance of various behaviors of human life. Tom Jones deals with the simplest aspects of daily life. All events described in Tom Jones are happening in the surrounding society. We just ignore them and consider these events as taboo. Henry fielding tailored all the scenes of novel in a very precise manner.

The plot, characters and dialogues are attractive and interesting as expected from a writer of the caliber of Fielding.

Henry Fielding critically highlighted the dual faces of people. Henry revealed the curtains from the fact that virtue is not always associated with the people who apparently appears to be pious and virtuous. Hero of the novel, Tom, apart from all of his scandals and love affairs, is a very nice individual because he has a kind heart. He feels pity for poor and he does some noble deeds in his life to help the destitute. I personally felt this brighter aspect of Tom’s personality. I reckoned him more than just a romantic hero. I cannot think to criticise Henry for any character as critics had done in history because in my opinion, these characters are present in our society and they show their bad manners and disrespect for others.

However, coming to the story of novel, Mr. Allworthy, a rich fellow, adopted a cute child named. Tom grew up in a very prosperous environment. Blifil, step cousin and competitor of Tom, was trying to get all the wealth of Allworthy. Tom falls in love with Sophia, pretty daughter of neighbouring landlord. Tom is a very smart, elegant and intelligent young man. He is rightly the hero of any young girl’s dreams, but being a love child, his desire to marry Sophia was not fulfilled. Sophia is extremely beautiful lady. I really liked the introduction of Sophia in the novel. But Tom was had to leave the home due to the surrounding people. Mr. Allworthy turned against him and Tom left home with only a few coins in his pocket.

Many women came in the life of Tom, but his love for Sophia remained the same. Sophia was also pressurised to marry Bilfil but she strongly opposed this.

The story is full of adventures and twisting moments. Tom had sympathy for poor in his heart. He had to face difficulties due to this sympathy. In fact, it is a story of deep emotions like love, honor, mistrust, jealousy, hate, greed, lust and generosity.

I recommend all the literature lovers to read this masterpiece of Henry Fielding. It will require another book to present views about Tom Jones.