I have read almost all the books written by Edward Rutherfurd. As a matter of fact, I am a great fan of his books. When I came to know about the release of this book, I just ordered a copy of it and started to read it as I got one. For me, writings of Edward Rutherfurd are not interesting and amusing but they are also very informative.

‘New York’ is just as good as the previous books written by Edward. The writer takes us back to the memories of three centuries ago in 1600. The characters in this book actually illustrate the events happening in the history of New York. Major events in the history of New York are beautifully portrayed in this book including events like the War of Independence, Tammany Hall and the tragic incident of World Trade Center. It also tells us the stories of politicians and statesmen striving hard to achieve their goals and how several great men pulled the people of New York out of hardships and troubles they encountered in the history. History is always difficult to describe but at the hands of Edward Rutherfurd, this job is done fabulously. In fact, he treated the historical characters and events quite consciously. He did not exaggerate or fabricate anything in describing main characters and their personalities.

When you read this book, you feel like living through the history. There are both good and bad short stories included in the book about New York. This book covers approximately 350 years of history. Over and above this it is a well written and well researched book. In my view, a thorough and extensive research is conducted by the author. The description of famous families in the history of New York increases the fascination and attraction of this book.

If you are a student of history, you must have a copy of this book. It will increase your knowledge and may change your views about some incidents in history. As we all know history is a boring subject (as I feel), but by reading this book, the scenario takes a quite different shape. It is also said that nations who are alive, should not forget their history. It is good to revive history.

Edward Rutherfurd has already written such books like ‘London, The NovelParis, The Novel’ and many more. I like structure and style of this book. What I like the most about this book is that it takes me to an imaginary world existing in the history of New York. It is a really good book to read and enjoy. I highly recommend everybody to read this book.