‘‘The Girl on the Train’’ is a vivid, dramatic and psychological disturbing story of a woman who is very fond of drinking and her love for drinking had made her somehow a mysterious character. In this novel of Paula Hawkins, story of a divorced woman Rachel is described who is surrounded by tough and complicated circumstances. Rachel’s husband Tom married to a woman Anna. It was really sad and frustrating situation for Rachel that her ex-husband and his wife were living in the same house where Rachel was living before divorce. Most interesting part of the story is that Rachel used to pass by her old home during her daily train rides. While she looked at her home, it reminded her old days. The character of Rachel is a fuzzy, messed up, depressed, emotionless and sometimes really frustrating. In fact, she has no idea about her own goals and motives. When her husband and Anna had a baby, she felt more guilt and became really depressed about it. A couple lives next to her old home and she became an imaginary sketch of that couple. It was an idealistic concept and as we all know idealism is often beyond reality. For me, I am really touched by the sorrow and sadness of Rachel’s character.

Another prominent aspect is that you will not fully understand the character of Rachel. She has some mysteries and secrets in her heart and Paula Hawkins presented it in fabulous way. Rachel became part of police investigation because she was witness of a murder. The story has twists like a mysterious work must have. Story revolves round three women Rachel, Anna and Megan (lady from Rachel’s imaginary couple). All these women have mysterious personalities and they are always hiding something in their heart. However, weak part is the continuous drinking of Rachel. She looks like stupid while doing all this drinking. It appears to be somehow’’ exaggerated’’, at least in my opinion. But, it is acceptable because it is a mystery novel.

Overall, story, dialogue, sentence structure and presentation are illustrative and comprehensive.

Paula Hawkins keeps the interest and mystery till the end of the story. Reader will not be sure about what is going to happen next? Style of narration is very amusing and interesting. Flow of the story is very smooth and attractive. You will never get bored while reading this novel. ‘The Girl on the Train’ brings the memories of some most beautiful classics of the history.

‘‘The Girl on the Train’’ presents a real soul-stirring, mysterious and thrilling story with a strong plot and interesting characters. In my point of view, if you are a fiction lover, you must read this novel.