Fulton John Sheen, writer of this book, is initially known for his preaching and especially for his work on TV and radio; he has also written some outstanding books in his life. ‘’Life of Christ’’ is one of his literary works.

I have studied several books on the life of Jesus Christ but ‘’Life of Christ’’ inspired my soul because Sheen has portrayed the life of Jesus Christ in a very emblematic manner. It is a great literary masterpiece in all respects. He ruminated deeply on the life of Jesus Christ and painted the life of Holy Christ in extremely beautiful way. Events in the book are explained in such a way that they seem to be happening in front of the reader’s eyes. In my opinion, presentation of quotes from the Holy Scriptures is well organised and explains all the details of Jesus life in illustrative manner. It gives a deep insight of Jesus’ public ministry and spiritual journey. Fulton John Sheen presented the message of Christ in such a simple way that anyone can understand it easily. As a matter of fact, this masterwork of Sheen is a source of inspiration. It provides better understanding about Christianity.

If you want to know about various aspects of Jesus life which were not highlighted before, you must read this book. Sheen spectacularly described some heart touching moments from the life of Christ. When you read this book deeply, you feel that touch. It will increase love for Holy Christ in your heart. If you are a Christian or non-Christian, it will answer almost all the questions you may have in your mind about Jesus and His life. This book is very helpful to learn about Jesus life and we can also teach other people about it. It does not matter what is your belief, this book will leave its everlasting impact on your heart and soul.

It is usually a tough task to handle the events happening in the history and especially events from the life of Christ, it may sometime become controversial, but as we all know Fulton John Sheen, a brilliant scholar and bishops, deals with the subject in a comprehensive and fabulous style. In this book, Sheen is at the highest level of his literary writing. He provides a simplified source to understand Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. It enhances knowledge and perception of reader about Christianity. He explained theological complexities in a beautiful and simple way.

In fact, this book is a complete package to identify the real ‘’Truth’’ of Jesus life. It describes ‘’a real suffering Messiah’’. What I find special in this book is that it is beneficial for a new reader, a layman and a highly prestigious scholar or bishop. You must read this book even if you are Protestant because it will prove to be life changing if you read it with an open heart.