1. Go shopping – Buy yourself a new book, or a fancy notebook. Do you not have a cover for your favorite novel? Holidays are probably the best time of the year when you can find really good deals here and there.


2. Make a bookish afternoon tea party – Invite some of your best bookish friends at home. The only thing they have to do is to bring their favorite book. Prepare warm tea, hot chocolate, and cookies and be ready to spend a cozy afternoon reading together.


3. Go to your favorite coffee shop – If you are busy working, all day, all night, holidays are the best time of the year to stop for a while and relax. Do you remember your favorite coffee shop? Now is the right time to go there, buy a drink of choice and spend an hour or more reading a book or magazine.


4. Clean your bookshelves – you do not need to throw away the books you have already read. Instead, organize and catalog them.


5. Make books donation – If you have too many books you do not need or do not have space for them at home, you can always donate them.

6. Spend some time with your family reading your favorite books out loud to one another.


7. Make a wishlist with the books you want to have or buy. 


8. Make a bookish budget – Apart from all bills we have to pay, we can still save some money for books. Make your budget according to the income you have and do not forget *for books* section.