If you read this article, then you are a 100% book lover – a person who loves the world of fairy tales or the smell of newly print book. And though we are different people, experiencing the stories in a different way, we sure have these five things in common.

#1. Book lovers don’t easily lend their books:

Strange as it may sounds, we do not lend our books to other people, even to our best friends and families. The reason is simple, book lovers are afraid of losing their favorite book or have it back dirty. That is why, the safest place for a book is the shelve in our own home, far away from the others’ sight…and hands.

#2. Book lovers love to “dress” each of their books in a different outfit.

Yes, we go shopping and sometimes buy things like book covers, bookmarks and absolutely everything that would keep our book clean and safe.

#3. Book lovers can be really annoying.

We are the people who read almost every book in the world. And that is why we can be the most irritating people who you can ever meet. Especially when you watched the most interesting movie and hear out of a book lover’s mouth: “the book was way better than the movie”.

#4. Book lovers can read a book hundred times.

Believe it or not, book lovers can read their favorite book again and again. And every time the feeling is different, the experience also.

#5. Book lovers can get over the books they read.

It is really hard to get out of the world that a book creates. Not to mention the feelings we have to get over. It is almost impossible to start reading a new book but as an experienced book lover, we always find a way to keep going and enjoy the next wonderful writing.