If you love reading,working in a bookish environment and having access to almost every single book in the word sounds like a dream job. Those of us who are passionate book lovers probably asked themselves at least once, if it is possible to make books part of our everyday life. Actually, the answer is yes, it is possible. There are a couple of jobs that make it possible to earn money off your love of books. And here is the best part – you do not need any previous experience. Just forget about the CVs. All you need is a decent culture, knowledge and great, really great desire to work. So if this description so far sounds good to you, read my 6 Careers for Readers That Allow You to Make Money Off Books.

#1. Librarian:

The first thing we associate books with is a library and of course librarian. Librarians are the people who organize books, wear cool glasses and know everything. The best aspect of the job is that you can communicate with lots of people and even give some advice. Most of the libraries require higher education but if you do not feel graduating with a degree in English Literature, for example, it is always possible to take a basic course.


#2. Editor:

Here, I envy you. All of the newest book releases are in your hands and you are obliged to read them. Well, the work itself is not quite easy. If we have to be honest, sometimes you will have to work overtime. But if you are real book lover, you will love it!


#3. Blogger:

Something I try to be…not because of the money, because of the passion of reading. You have just read a book that changed your life and the way you see the world? Share the experience! Tell everyone! Make a difference! Start a blog, write when you have some free time and watch your audience grow. It is really exciting to see how people reading your reviews and articles.


#4. Teacher:

Here, you definitely need a degree. Apart from that, the books we have to read at school are not always the ones we love. However, the idea of changing the world and make kids literate is quite exciting. You can always establish a reader’s club and make children passionate about reading.


#5. Author:

It is more and more popular to write and sell e-books. Well, it is not the most grateful job you can have but if you believe that you can write great stories or have something interesting to tell about, this job worth a try.



And I will end the list with the best possible work…to be an entrepreneur. To own a bookshop or a book café is a dream, the most amazing thing that could ever thought of. You can share your love to books, constantly communicate with people like you and earn some money. The idea of not having a boss and make your workplace a heaven on earth is just fantastic!