I bought The Little Bookshop on the Seine just to have another easy read on me. I was sick and tired of reading serious books and decided that it is a high time to escape a real life – just sit, relax and think as little as I can. So what’s more beautiful than a well-written, delightful gem of a story?
As soon I settled down to read this book I knew it was one that was going to draw me in, from the very first page I adored this novel.
I start reading the book at home just before the bedtime. However, I was so intrigued that I began to bring it everywhere – at the public transport, in the park, while traveling. It was really great to walk down the Parisian streets, find new places, getting to know new people.
To be honest, I must say that The Little Bookshop on the Seine is not a unique piece of reading. Actually, going through the story, you cannot actually make a big difference between the typical romantic stories you once read and this one. However, what grabbed me the most was the way I truly and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of being in that Paris bookshop. As if it transported me to the beautiful sights of Paris and really made me want to find a cozy bookshop with a cup of hot coffee and a favorite book or have one on my own, why not?
it is absolutely a must-read book for book lovers who love Christmas, Paris, bookshops and a lot of sweet romance – all the best ingredients for a cute romance book.