It is no secret that I love books. In addition, summer is my favorite season during which I have more time to read books. I always have one in my bag but the feeling laying down on the beach exploring a whole new world is just irreplaceable. In order to keep up with new trends in the book reading and preserve the books (and not only) from the summer sun, I wrote a list of gadgets made just for book lovers.

#1. Book Lamp:
There are plenty of book lamps offered on the market and each one is a unique.No matter which one you will buy the one thing is sure … it will definitely lighten your story.

#2. Booksi Dock:
I found this booksi dock on the Internet and start considering buying it. This is the perfect charging device for any book lover. And the best part is that you get to choose your favourite book.


#3. The Point and Click Dictionary:
Ok…I have to say that this is the device that impressed me the most and up to this moment it is definitely in top 3 on my Christmas list. While the price tag is a bit high, the value is totally worth it here. The device shows the word definitions in a snap and offer audible word pronunciations and translates to several languages.


#4. Book Cover:
Every book deserves a classy dress, even a Kindle. It is stylish but most important…your book will be kept safe and sound.


 #5. Bookish tote bag:
What is going to a shopping tour without buying a new book? From my experience and numerous holidays abroad, buying a book from another country is just like buying a souvenir from a trip you will always remember. For such cases, having a handy-dandy tote bag is a must.


#5. Bookish earrings:

To complete your summer look just add these adorable earrings.


#6. Pride and Prejudice locket:
It is a perfect match to your Bookish earrings. You can also insert a photo or even beloved book quote.


#7. Summer New release:

There are plenty of summer New Releases which deserves your attention. My first pick was The Optimist’s Guide to Letting Go by Amy E. Reichert which I would definitely include on my summer reading list.