#1. Book Club:
One of the activities I recommend to try this summer is to join a book club. This is probably one of the greatest places to meet new people, make some friends and dedicate time to read. If you do not have friends interested in books you can easily check out already established book clubs in your hometown or area. Most public libraries also provide information about book classes and books so you do not have to enjoy reading alone anymore.
If you want and have enough time you can set up a book club yourself in a place you choose. Different theme evenings are one of the many ideas you can perform.
#2. Create A Reading List and Stick to It:
Well, the easiest part of the task is to create a reading list. Try something new, read a book you normally would not. You can start with series and finish with the colourful cover without reading the review on the back. Just surprise yourself! The hardest part is actually sticking to the list. However, it is worth trying.
#3. Organize charity events:
Strange as it may sounds there are still many places around the globe without access to books or libraries. So, it is a good idea to organize a charity event and donate books to your local school, library or book club or to charity organizations in other countries.

#4. Name a pet after your favorite character:
If you do not have an animal at home you can adopt one – a cat or a dog, even a parrot and even name it after your beloved book character.

#5.Find A Favorite Outdoor Reading Spot:
Try to find a big shady tree in the park nearby or a quiet table at the local coffee shop. If you are lucky enough to have a river or sea in your town, you can enjoy the sunset with a book in your hand. As the summer begins and the sunny days become longer and longer, you have to make sure that you already have a reading spot to soak it all in.
#6. Find new reading accessories:
Treat yourself to a new mug or dress your book in a brand new book cover. Whatever you choose, it will definitely make your reading experience more interesting.

#7. Dress like a pro:
For a stylish, a look finishes your outfit with a pair of bookish earrings, necklace or tote bag.
#8. Visit A New Bookstore Once A Week:
Visit your favorite bookstore or explore a new one during your summer vacation. Take your reading list and go shopping, meet new people and talk about books.

#9. Wooden book house:
Make a new home for your books. Find a spot that many people visit and put a wooden box or house full of books. You do not have to buy the readings, if you already did the charity event, then you probably have enough books to store in there. It I a great chance to give books a second life and make people read more.