A Bridesmaids Behaving Badly novel, this romantic and down-right hilarious book has been written and perfected by award-winning author, Jenny Holiday. It Takes Two is the second book in the franchise, and continues a story about a group of friends who are bridesmaids at each other’s wedding.

The saying: “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is not true at all in this uplifting and comical romance novel. Jenny Holiday attempts to explore how relationships are not all what they appear when first starting out. Just because emotions were not felt at the beginning, does not mean that something is going to happen further down the line. And that is exactly the case for characters, Wendy and Noah.

The story revolves around a bridesmaid pursuing a hot romance right before their friend’s wedding. Wendy and Noah are two characters that prove to be well-loved by the readers. Everyone roots for them to be together. Despite a lot of history between the two, something rekindles between the two in Las Vegas.

It Takes Two explores an array of themes: romance, relationships, friendships, competition, and challenges. The book is built upon Wendy and Noah in the attempt to throw the best bachelor and bachelorette parties. Their feisty and competitive streaks cause high-tension throughout the novel, and the reader is left wondering if and when anything is going to happen between the two.

An articulate, creative and humorous romance novel that explores relationships to the very limits. Packed full of emotions and experiences, the reader is guaranteed to relate to one thing or another in this book. An enjoyable read for the right reader who shows a similar interest to that of the author.