A touch of love, family, mystery, and murder, this book really does have it all. Elin Hilderbrand does a beautiful job in captivating her readers by writing an engrossing plotline that really does leave you feeling on edge.

Set on a beach in the summer, Hilderbrand explores not only summertime bliss, but also the idea of aggression and disaster. A family is left in turmoil after disaster strikes at a wedding leaves everyone questioning who done it. Everybody from the wedding party is a suspect, and the reader is left wondering who to trust.

This book is easy-to-read and easy-to-follow, which allows for readers to sit down and enjoy without having to really concentrate or analyse every word they read. The book blends the genres of chic lit and murder mystery with the hopes of adding a new twist to the world of literature.

What I loved about the book was Elin Hilderbrand’s ability to truly write in a captivating way. Right from the offset, I was immediately drawn into the scenery, the characters, and the plotline – something that is often missing from books of a similar nature.

With so many twists and mysteries, The Perfect Couple really will really get you wanting more. With perfect depictions of characters and the surroundings, I found myself able to immerse myself into the beach life of Nantucket and feel as though I was really there when everything is turned from jolly and optimism, to mystery and terror.