Playing with Matches is a beautiful story that is sweet, funny, clever, and realistic. Hannah Orenstein unravels a story about a young girl who is constantly balancing every aspect of her life. With a busy work life and crazy personal life, Orenstein presents a character that many of us can relate to.

This fantastic story writes about the importance of matchmaking and how Sasha (the protagonist) hopes to find The One for everyone of her clients. However, all is not that simple, and she soon finds herself in the arms of someone she found for one of her clients. Oops!

Hannah Orenstein seems to know what she is talking about, and every word that is written appears to be honest, comical, and/or meaningful. Her book is easy-to-read and is great for anyone who wants to ‘chill out’ and cosy up with a good book.

What makes this story unique is how it ties in with a lot of mishaps and communication errors that are apparent in the real world. With many of us now venturing out and trying online dating, the story of matchmaking through Tinder is something that a lot of us are familiar with.

A great, laugh out loud chic lit that really demonstrates an array of relationship experiences, mishaps, and comical stories. This book is ideal for anyone who is a lover of romance novels, contemporary adult novels, or wants a good read with regards to relationships and online dating.

Playing with Matches is an outstanding contribution to the world of young adult fiction and contemporary romance. Packed full of laughter, inspiration, hope, and love, this novel is a great way to explore online dating and matchmaking. An eccentric read for anyone who loves a good chic lit!