I finished reading I Heart Hollywood just a couple of days ago and I am still thinking about the plot and the heroin – the amazing Angela Clark. I enjoy reading chick-lit every once in a while and I had lots of fun reading I heart Hollywood.

If I have to be honest, initially, I didn’t realize that this was the second book in the ‘I Heart’ series It was just a book I bought from a gas station together with a Cosmopolitan magazine. The book cover seemed nice, fresh and eye-catching while the price of a book plus magazine quite reasonable.

I start reading the I heart Hollywood once I got home, in the late afternoon and I found myself doing this until midnight. I realized that it did not matter that I have not read the first book I heart Hollywood as I got a general idea of what happened from this one. I guess that leads me to want to read the rest of the series but this is a whole new story. So I continue following the main character of the series Angela Clark to her next adventure called Hollywood. I easily got to know her dreamy boyfriend Alex Raid and her absolutely crazy but funny and sweet best friend Jenny Lopez. I did not mind going through all the obstacles and funny situations these people got into because these characters were just amazing. The author Lindsey Kelk managed to describe them so well that I got the feeling that they are actually real people and someday maybe I can find and meet them. Apart from that, I heart Hollywood offers a guide to the best shops and places to go in Hollywood. So if you happen to fly to this place, you will be prepared. In case you meet a famous actor or a rock star, you will be prepared also, as the story of Angela and the sexy James is a perfect example of what not to do.
To put it, in a nutshell, I liked the book because it is a quick and easy read, the characters are well described and the book is full of adventures and funny situations. However, I could not get the idea of mentioning so many brands like Marc Jacobs and Jimmy Choo…probably it was a vital part of the plot. In addition, the title does not exactly describe the heroine’s attitude to Hollywood. She does not heart LA she hated it and her attitude is in conflict with what she believes in. However, I recommend I heart Hollywood to all fans of chick lit. My advice is not to think so much about the meaning of the things which happens in the book but just to enjoy every single page of it.