With 4380 registered bookcrossers, Norway is one of the top 3 European countries with bookcrossing zones along with Spain (49 206) and Finland (11 530).  Though it is not a leader in this chart, the Norwegian bookcrossing community is quite active. In April 2017 an annual Boockrossing Congress was held. Apart from that there are weekly meetings and in many places in the country where you can find sympathetic and well-stocked book zones and small libraries. If you are a tourist or a guest coming to city of Oslo, extra meetups are also arranged.

The BookCrossing zone in Oslo is situated at Oslo Central Station (OsloS) – which is the main train station, at the Oslo Visitors Centre. Easy to reach whether you live in Oslo, visit Oslo or is just passing by, changing trains here. However if you travel around Norway you can easily find several other bookcrossing zones and little free libraries around the country. 

Here are some photos of Bookcrossing zones and small free libraries:

#1. Gamlebyen Kulturhus bokbyttehylle: 


#3. Antikvariatet Little Free Library:

#5. le-se-skuret Ryfylke: