#1. The Most Expensive Book in The World:

In 1994, the British Auction House Christie’s, sold The Codex Leicester by Leonardo Da Vinci for the record amount of 3.8 million dollars. The book is a collection of scientific writings and was bought by the one of the most reach people in the world – Bill Gates.


#2.  The World’s Oldest Dated Printed Book:

Diamond Sutra is the world’s earliest complete and dated, printed book (868 A.D). It contains the discourse of the Buddha to a senior monk, Subhuti.  There is a wood block printed copy in the British Library which, although not the earliest example of block printing, is the earliest example which bears an actual date.

#3. The World’s Smallest Book:

Can you see it? This Japanese book of flowers called Shiki no Kusabana, is with pages measuring 0.75 millimetres (0.03 inches) which are impossible to read with the naked eye.The 22-page micro-book, contains names and monochrome illustrations of Japanese flowers such as the cherry and the plum.


#4. The World’s Heaviest Book:

All the stories for Miss Marple, written by Aghata Christie are published on 4032 pages. The book itself weights 8 kgs.

If you have any suggestions of other book records, I will be happy to read them in the comments bellow.