When it comes to classic literature, people are usually divided into three groups:

1. Those who actually read the books.

2. Those who pretend to have read them.

3. Those who say they will read them but never do this.

We’re proud and inspired by the first group of people, but let’s not blame the rest. After all, classic novels can seem boring and scary at first but this is probably because they are often quite long. For example, “War and Peace” is more than 1,400 pages while “Don Quixote” – near 1000 pages.

But thanks to the cartoonist John Atkinson even the laziest readers can peep between the covers of these literary mastodons and join the group described under number two above!

Attention, here are spoilers.


“War and Peace”: Everyone is sad. It snows.


“The clusters of wrath”: Farming sucks. Journey! And the journey sucks.

“Don Quixote”: A guy attacks windmills. Also, he is mad.


” The sun also rises ”: Lost generation gets drunk. They are still lost.


“Moby Dick”: Man vs. whale. Whale wins.


“The Odyssey”: Dublin, something, something, something, run-on sentence.



“The Odyssey”: War veteran takes forever to get home, then kills everyone.

“Wuthering Hills”: A sort of brother- sister fall in love with each other. It is foggy.


“Walden”: Man sits outside for two years. Nothing happens.


“Crime and Punishment”: Murderer feels bad. The killer feels ill. He confesses. Goes to jail. Feels better.


Beowulf“: Hero kills monster. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Dragon kills Hero.


“Dante’s” Inferno “: The hell breaks loose.