What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

After her book “Something Deceptively Expensive”, Lindsay Kelk returns to the readers’ s favorite book series “I Love …”. After “I Love New York,” “I Love Hollywood,” and “I Love Paris,” this time the story takes Angela Clark to Las Vegas.

She goes to The City of Sin, Fun, and Gambling, but will she hit the jackpot?

Angela loves New York. But what love more is New York with Alex. She is a British girl who conquered the Great Apple. But she is also a woman who is without a job and … without a visa. And just then, just before Christmas, the Immigration Authorities warn her that she has to leave the United States only in a month.

There are only two ways to stay in her favorite city – find a job or find a husband. Urgently! But she’s not sure her boyfriend Alex will respond with enthusiasm to her marriage proposal.

A girls weekend in Vegas with her best friend, Jenny, seems the perfect way to forget her problems even for a while.

From the moment of their arrival at the Vegas, Airport Angela is borne in the whirl of cocktails, daring outfits and parties until dawn. In the world of gambling and glamor, Angela finds herself in troubles and adventures, bigger than she ever imagined. The worst of it – an unexpected meeting at the wedding chapel …

Everyone knows that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

But is it really so?