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6 Careers for Readers That Allow You to Make Money Off Books

If you love reading,working in a bookish environment and having access to almost every single book in the word sounds like a dream job. Those of us who are passionate book lovers probably asked themselves at least once, if it... Continue Reading →


These are the books students at Harvard are required to read

  You have so many books to read at university and complain about this? Well, you need to read this article and see why your university life  is not that bad as you think. Here are top 10 books that... Continue Reading →

These are the books students at Princeton University are required to read

There are many books that leaders of tomorrow are required to read in order to become successful people. The required readings skew toward the humanities—science and engineering classes tend to assign fewer titles—and not surprisingly, toward the Western canon.In the US,... Continue Reading →

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