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Oslo Book Festival

Book fairs and  festivals does not really sounds like places where you will definitely have some fun or at least for most people. But have you ever thought how often you visit such events? Once a month, or once a year…may... Continue Reading →

Interview with Author Rae T. Alexander

This week's interview is with the amazing and very talented Rae T. Alexander,author of The Royal Stones of Eden and the Jo Danning Mysteries. Rae is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Therefore, it naturally does not... Continue Reading →

These are the books students at Harvard are required to read

  You have so many books to read at university and complain about this? Well, you need to read this article and see why your university life  is not that bad as you think. Here are top 10 books that... Continue Reading →

10 Creative Bookmarks Every Book Lover Needs Today!

We all have our ways of marking our place in a book before closing it for the time being no matter if it is a folded page, old receipt from the grocery store or just the ridiculous idea that we... Continue Reading →

These are the books students at Princeton University are required to read

There are many books that leaders of tomorrow are required to read in order to become successful people. The required readings skew toward the humanities—science and engineering classes tend to assign fewer titles—and not surprisingly, toward the Western canon.In the US,... Continue Reading →

10 Mugs All Book-Lovers Must Have Right Now

As every normal person in the world, I start my day with a cup of coffee. But my choice of a cup can be very difficult sometimes. Especially, when I have this enormous collection of coffee mugs.  As a morning person,... Continue Reading →

Bookends-Unique Gift for Book Lovers

Bookends are a wonderful way to organise your library and decorate the space at your home in a unique way. Not only this but bookends are one of the best gifts for every book lover.  Wonder Woman Bookend This wonder... Continue Reading →

5 outstanding books that you definitely should give away to your children

Reading bedtime stories is perhaps one of the happiest moments between a parent and a child. This is a wonderful opportunity to make a step into the exciting world of miracles and magics and to encourage the passion for literature... Continue Reading →

Literary Heroines for Fans of Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars has made a mark in television history for its progressive elements and feminist sensibilities. Its title character (played by the phenomenal Kristen Bell) is a wisecracking, taser-wielding, whip-smart trailblazer with a proclivity for snooping and a higher level... Continue Reading →

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