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Beautiful Book Cafes for St. Valentine’s Day

Booklovers are known also as tea/coffee lovers, they go together, as someone once said, as like peanut butter and jelly. So it is no surprise that more and more places around the globe invest in stylish bookcases and author-inspired art in... Continue Reading →

12 Gift Ideas For A More Bookish St. Valentine’s day

St.Valentine's day is just around the corner and you are probably looking for a unique gift for your loved ones. Book lover or not here are 12 wonderful gift ideas for a more bookish holiday. #1. Our Adventure Book: We... Continue Reading →

Bookends-Unique Gift for Book Lovers

Bookends are a wonderful way to organise your library and decorate the space at your home in a unique way. Not only this but bookends are one of the best gifts for every book lover.  Wonder Woman Bookend This wonder... Continue Reading →

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